Spa- ritual is a vegan multipurpose treatment for hand and body, every treatment has subtle fragrances that balance the mind and body. There nail polish is high quality and the creams are nourishing and moisturising.

Magnetic Gel polishes are highly pigmented and last for over 2 weeks.

Magnetic Power Gel is amazing acts like a gel but is as strong as acrylics. it is an acryl gel which is better for your natural nails with no harsh chemicals or strong smells. we are magnetic we are nails.

All gel nails are guaranteed for a week.

The removal of gel polish is included in all treatments unless the work was not done by me, in which case a nominal £5 fee will apply.

Manicures and Pedicures

Shape and Paint – £8.00

Balancing Manicure – £12.00

Balancing Pedicure – £18.00

Luxury Manicure – £12.00

Luxury Pedicure – £18.00

Manicure with Gels – £25.00

Pedicure with Gels – £27.00


Magnetic Nails

Gel Overlay – £18.00

Overlay on toes – £16.00

Power Gel Overlay – £20.00

Reverse French Overlay – £24.00

Power Gel with a Gel Colour – £26.00

Nail Extensions – £28.00

Nail Extensions with a Gel Colour – £32.00

Infills – £18.00

Infills with Colour – £20.00

Nail fix – £4.50 (per nail)

Nail Art:

Stamping, Gems, Glitter, Decals

Per Nail – £0.25

Whole Hand – £2.00

Luxury Nail Art – £0.50 (Per nail)